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Birthday Boy!

Everett's birthday party was an epic success! We invited both sides of our family over to celebrate with us. The weather people were predicting massive amounts of rain on Sunday, but it didn't rain! It was a perfect day. Our house is pretty small, so having 30+ people cooped up inside was not my idea of a good time.
I busted out the triple crockpot (amazing!) and had meatballs, chicken wings & bbq wienies. The theme was Greek Mythology, so I also made hummus dip & Greek yogurt dip.
I made cupcakes and a healthy cake for Everett's smash cake. I had no idea how his cake would taste with very little sugar, no dairy & no eggs. But it was a delicious Applesauce recipe and I'll share it with you in another post.
We also had another cake and it was pretty awesome! Like I mentioned before i had my sweet blog friend Christina make a custom order of her edible decorations. She made a name plaque in Greek font & lightning bolts.  Check out her blog and her shop! S…