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Pound Cake

Today at work, I pleaded, I begged, you do not have to eat the rice pudding!!! Don't even do it to be nice. And if you do eat it, if you think it is barf-o-rama, I won't be offended.
They liked it. They devoured both flavors! I even heard over someone's walkie-talkie, Please bring your bowl back so we can give it back to Sabrina. Weird. I guess my pudding made the rounds? My cousin Kelly was so repulsed by the rice pudding that she wouldn't even comment. I even spared you guys the really gross picture of the chocolate rice pudding. Until now...

But you don't think I would be so heartless as to leave you with that nasty picture? What kind of freak-azoid do you think I am? Nope, I am way too nice for that. After the Rice Pudding Hoopla, there was a request for Pound Cake! Now there is something I can really sink my teeth into unlike Twilight, (pun intended), that Cousin K is making me go see with her this Friday, along with Heather of the EO. I'm only going because it…