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Last night I went to my blog and it was gone!!! I mean GONE! I freaked! I know I haven't been blogging in over a week, but to see it totally gone really made me sad. Thankfully, everything is fine now. There was some suspicious activity on my GMail account so things were deactivated. All is well. It made me realize just how much I really like my little blog and would've been sad to see it gone! I've been over the top busy lately. And with no computer working at home, and no time to blog at work it's been awhile. Things are great. Life is good!
Some big "anniversaries" are coming up for me.
May 7, 2007 - Three years at my job (New personal record!)
May 16, 2008 - Two years being a homeowner (I love my house!)
June 9, 2007 - Three years blogging. (I might just have a big giveaway coming up to celebrate my blog!)

I will take some time today going through blogs I love to read but have not had a chance to look at.
Hope you are all well!
Enjoy today.