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Awards make me feel warm

Baby it's so mother flippin' cold outside. Tonight a low of NEGATIVE 24 degrees. Wind chills are supposed to be in the NEGATIVE 30-50 below ZERO degrees tomorrow. Not right. Just not right.
I am thankful for a cozy house. And a warm bed. And a garage to park my car in. and a blog award to put on my blogger side bar mantle.
A lovely gal named Heather that I think is the bomb and seriously we are separated at birth gave me two really special awards!!! This Heather is not EO, but Heather of the many blogs. Check her out, she is all knowing in everything from books, movies, fashion, television, twilight and every day radness. Plus she is wicked smart! Start HERE and then go to her profile when you are done there and read all her other cool blogs! Thanks friend!

These are the awards:

Heather says they stand for this: "the PrĂ©mio Dardos Award for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing, and the Butterfly A…