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Turtle Bread brings on the Memories

Yesterday was pay day, it was also Friday and I didn't feel like fighting traffic on my way home. The thought of driving to Linden Hills and stopping at the little shops was just so appealing. Linden Hills is such a quaint area of Minneapolis, and it holds plenty of memories. When I was 22 I was a nanny for a family in LH, and the two little girls Avery & Nathalie, and their wonderful nanny Sabrina spent many days traversing through Linden Hills. There are so many great shops and lovely homes in LH that you feel like you are on a set of a movie. (oh wait, they filmed parts of Jingle All the Way in LH.) I also lived in Linden Hills for a year a few years ago, it was such a transitional part of my life and everything was so up in the air. I had just left my full time job to go back to school full time to learn the craft of Jewelry Making & Gemology.

Anyway, back to yesterday. I stopped into Victory, one of my favorite Shabby Chic stores. They had these really fun candle votiv…