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A New Friend

I am back at work. It was really really hard to go back to work today. I usually have no problems going to work on a daily basis. I have grown to actually like my job. I mean it's by no means my dream job, but it's not stressful, I have great co-workers and the pay is pretty decent. And the best part is the breaks, including the whole month of July off!!!! So I can hardly complain.
But it was hard coming back today. I had such a great break! I saw so many friends old, new, newer... I kept thinking, how did I get so blessed? I spent a big chunk of time in Michigan visiting my dearest friend Rachel. I wish it didn't go by so fast! Thursday, I made lunch for a current co-worker and then had Thai food with a former coworker Michelle. There was lattes with Megan and Nori and then happy hour with Heather of the EO. And a great night at Ellen's and Sarah's house with some great people like Steve & Jeanelle and Kelly and Don. Saturday was a fun day with Shannon my sister fr…