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RICEing and Knitting

I am home from work today. Why you ask? The Flu? No! Allergic to the Library? I Wish! Mental Breakdown? Possibly. Truthfully, last night as I was doing my exercise thing, I think i jacked-up my knee. I didn't know until the middle of the night, when I woke up in pain. This morning I could barely walk on it and sitting down was painful. SO I popped some acetaminophen and promptly RICEd my knee... Except I can never remember what the "C" stands for? Compress? All I know is Rest, Ice and Elevate. I am feeling a lot better, not 100%, but Lord help me if it something more serious! So I am on couch rest, so i decided to knit some mittens. Which it has been about 4 years since I've made mittens, so i was a little shaky getting started... but I am trying my best.I can knit lots of things... although i have yet to knit a sweater, which will be my final gift to the world. I knit hats, scarves and mittens. Don't ask me about baby blankets. They are my arch nemesis. I have …