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Wedding in the Month of June

Saturday was a good day for a wedding. My cousin Chris, married the lovely Jennifer at the Minneapolis Peace Garden. It was a beautiful day to celebrate! The bride and groom were all smiles and glee and I couldn't be happier for them.
The reception was a Lurcat, a beautiful bar\restaurant in Minneapolis. Chuck Bass must have been the florist because there were peonies everywhere. The other wonderful thing about the day was having all the cousins together! That rarely happens these days and it makes me smile!
Congratulations Chris & Jen! Love you!

Chris & Jen!

Chad toasting the happy couple

The Robideau Siblings, Paul, Barbie, Todd & Lori
(these people are responsible for all things strange & weird about me & my cousins)

The most lovely cousins, Amber, Erin, Sabrina & Kelly

Chuck Bass was here...