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Girl Put Your Records On!

Sometimes as i sit in my apartment, I often think, something is missing. Like a big question mark is looming above my head, like the Arby's symbol in those commercials, Are you thinking Arby's? But there is no words with my question mark, just a blank question hanging there. For months and months now, I would be in the middle of doing something, and suddenly stop, something is missing! I immediately look for my keys and my cell phone, because I am always losing (or at least i think i feel like I've lost them), but alas they are right there where i left them. What could possibly be missing? In those times I feel like I am stuck in a moment where the answer is at the tip of my tongue, but doesn't quite come to fruition. Then on Sunday, I figured out the mystery. My record player! I have been living a whole year in my place, and my record player has been MIA! Tucked into boxes, saved in storage. How did i get this far without it? I love the sound of records, the crackling…