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The One Where Sabrina Almost LOST Her Blog

So at work when i am bored, I like to play around on my blog. Today was no exception. I like to experiment with new templates so I can have the coolest blog ever, and every one will like me more because i get my validation from my blog so i can have a stylish blog.
I was a bit more daring then usual when i found a blog template i really really liked. I downloaded it and viola, it looked something like this:I was so excited to see my new blog in action! Except there was one thing wrong with it: All my info\posts\pictures\links\EVERYTHING was gone! Poof! I almost had a mini panic attack... Nothing was working and I literally almost started to cry. At that moment i realized that i needed to get a life and stop being so enmeshed/addicted/stage 5 clinger with my blog. Actually at that moment i did everything I could to bring it back because I am enmeshed/addicted/stage 5 clinger with my blog. I almost ran and found one of the tech guys to save me (even though blogging is not really allowed a…

Operation Baking Gals

Well for those of you who know me, you might know me as this free spirited Libertarian pacifist gal. I rarely will talk about my political views or politics in general, but i guess you could say i am a Libertarian. I am not a fan of war (really, who is?) and therefore i am a pacifist. There are a lot of things very wrong with this country. Yet i am still an American, and I love living here and i embrace my freedoms (hello Libertarianism). So as we are in the middle of a war, that i definitely wish would end soon, in the mean time I will support our troops. I think they are an amazing\fearless\brave\wonderful lot of men and women. Even if i don't understand or always agree with what they are doing on a daily basis, I still care about them. So to show my support I have joined a group of women calling ourselves, Operation Baking Gals. Operation Baking Gals is a group of women who are on "teams" and each team picks a group of soldiers and sends them baked goods. I am on tea…