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Packing 101

First of all, just so you all know. I do not eat gourmet every day. I rarely have time for breakfast, lunch is a granola bar and sometimes dinner is anything that is fast. I think you out there in blogger world think i whip up fancy meals all the time, when in reality my food choices border on boring or random or whatever i scrounge from my cupboards. Yes, sometimes i get inspired and make some tasty treats... and i do like to experiment with recipes, but some nights i just get lazy. It is never fun just cooking for yourself. If i cook i like to do it up right and make nice meals for others. When I'm alone, i don't care as much. Case in point, last night for dinner i had potato chips and wine. The chips were baked so they were so healthy (ok eating half the bag is not healthy, but healthier) and the wine was cheap, but good so who cares right? That was me eating dinner sitting on my couch procrastinating and NOT packing. Then I made muffins to share at work, but i didn't m…