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Giraffes It is...

Because I really like this girl named Mary and I totally want to impress her, I will write about giraffes. This is how it will work: I will type whatever comes into my head about the subject of giraffes. Ready... Go!

Giraffes are my favorite animal. They are graceful and friendly. I once watched a documentary about a giraffe preservation in Africa. They would roam around freely. The house on the preservation had big windows and while you ate your biscuits and drank your tea a giraffe would stick its head in the window and you could feed it. Giraffe's have long necks. They like to neck. Their coat is colorfully brown and tan and it is cooler than wearing zebra stripes. I don't like zebra stripes as much as i like giraffe squares. How cool is it that they are so mod they get squares. God is Mod. Be careful when you are around giraffes. They might not see you and trample you. They are really strong so they could potentially kick the crap out of you. I once had a frou frou…

Reader's Choice!!!!!!

I've been meaning to post something, but I also need to post my Operation Baking Gals Team Update. And since I do not have my pictures at work to post, I will write about that tonight.

I have a great idea, since I always blog about what I like, I decided to stop being Selfish Sabrina and ask YOU to tell ME what to write. Just throw out a topic and I'm going to free style write ala Mr. O'Brien circa 7th grade. No subject is off limits. So throw something at me and watch the magic unravel.