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Sorry... Too much going on and I am not a fan of bread pudding. I've been slacking a bit lately but in my defense, it is finally SPRING in MN and who wants to be inside?

And I have been on a bit of a detox the last few weeks... 4 more days to go.
I basically have cut out sugar, wheat, red meat, pork and dairy. This is TEMPORARY. Hello I do love pizza and ice cream and HAMBURGERS! But I've been feeling a little sluggish lately so my
Naturopathic Dr. mother and her healthy guru friend prescribed me a little detox 101.
Although I have cheated, just here and there. But overall I've done not too bad.
Ive also started exercising and drinking lots more water. I even lost 6lbs to boot. Can't complain there!
I feel great! Although i would kill for some chocolate and bread. Hmmmmm Maybe I should've made the Bread pudding after all?