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3 things...

I DO NOT like the thought of summer coming to an end. There is no excitement thinking about cooler temperatures, snow falling and freezing. I like hot, I like heat, I need SUMMER!
The only redeeming thing about the end of summer are the 3 following things:


And of Course:

Just a typical July

My blogging hiatus is quickly coming to an end. Where did the month of July go? I still have a few more days until I go back to work, 5 days to be exact. 5 days of freedom... The thought of going back to work is not a happy one. I like having a month off of work.
(you know, throwing stuff at the screen right now is only hurting you and your screen. don't hate)
I had a fantabulous break... I did zero projects around my house... I loved every minute.
Here is the play by play:
Celebrated Canada Day with Homemade T-Shirts, Cake and Teeth Blackener (in honor of the hockey players of course!)Spent a lovely day at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.Went to COSTCO and a Nintendo Wii might have jumped into my cart and then into my car... sneaky little devils. Threw a 4th of July BBQ... complete with Fireworks! Vlach's ran off with some of hostas! (you can not turn your back on them for a second!)Went to the beach a few times, went to a pool, baked in the sun, did handstands in the water, cu…

Joyeux 14 Juillet!

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité!

We Were On A Break!!!

Sorry folks... But I am on a blog break. I have the whole month of July off and I am just trying to enjoy as much of it as I can! I do have lots to blog about... everyday I have something going on. And I can't wait to share all my stories, like Canada Day and Blackened Teeth.
But for now, the thought of me sitting at my computer, cooped up inside and not in the sun just seems silly.
I hope you are all having the times of your lives, I know I am. :)