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Harvest Moon

I have a hard time getting up in the morning, when my bed is nice and toasty and it's still dark out. I just want to cocoon myself in my blankets and sleep until the sun comes up. The upside of getting up so early, is that I can witness beautiful sunrises and like this morning a big beautiful pumpkin looking harvest moon! What a treat to view such beauty early in the morning, I guess it makes up for having to get up early. I love big glowing orange moons, the best one i ever saw was when I was living in New Hampshire... beautiful and bountiful rising over the white mountains. It's hard to believe that 10 years ago I moved to NH, basically on a whim, or maybe it was my 20 year old naivety? Now at 30, I am quite impressed with myself for making such a bold move. Moving to a new state, to a place i had never been to, and i didn't know a soul! Who does that? But I suppose at that age what did I have to lose? What I gained in a year of moving to a new place is irreplaceable, m…