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Self Portrait

One of my new favorite blogs is the Paper Mama. She is having a Self Portrait Challenge over at her blog. So I thought I might join the fun. Although after I took this photo, I thought, Hmmm... I might have a large forehead? Or maybe it's just the angle? And doesn't it look like one eye is looking one way and the other eye another way? Am I cross-eyed? Or just have magical eyes?

Obsessing over…
Friday Night Lights! For years everyone and their mother has been telling us to watch this show. We finally did. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Stop Watching!  Working on…
Lots of random craft projects. I found this really ugly wooden calender thingy at the thrift store and I'm determined to give it an amazing make-over!  Thinking about…
Portlandia... Put a Bird on It!  Anticipating…
My husband coming home from work. He called to tell me he has flu like symptoms. I feel really bad for him because I know exactly how he feels. 

Listening to…
Lissie Station on Pandora. It plays a great mix…

Elisandra Art!

Don't you love when you discover new art?! Yesterday I stumbled upon this beautiful artist Elisandra and I love everything she creates! The colors and illustrations are so whimsical and pretty. Every time I look at her prints, I think of a different room I would hang them in my home. 
Right now at Society6 there is free shipping through Sunday on all her artwork (and others too)! You can read Elisandra's blog and she also has an etsy shop, Sevenstars Treasurebox! I hope you'll stop by and say hello and check out more of her beautiful artwork! 

This one is by far my favorite and I just had to buy it! 

And here are a few more of my favorites! 

(I wasn't compensated or given anything  to write this, I just really love her artwork!)

Bathroom Makeover Update

A few weeks ago I posted my bathroom. Yes, the bathroom with the broken medicine cabinet, ugly lights and 1980's drawer pulls. Since then we have made a few changes to update it and make it look 100x better. It's still a work in progress mind you. I still need to put up some art, sew the curtains, get a new rug and maybe put up a shelf. 

So here we have the before:

And the almost finished after:

I could say "We" but in reality my husband did all the work. I just picked out everything. So yeah, we make a good team! Thus far we have new lights, a new mirror,  new drawer pulls and a fresh coat of paint on the vanity. When it is all done, I will post awesome pictures with all the details. 

I'm sharing my Before and After over at Shine Your Light.

And Link Party:

Clothespin Wreath is a WINNER!

At the end of December I entered a photo contest at Better Homes & Gardens website. They were asking that you submit a wreath you had made for the Holiday season. 
Well of course I knew right away that I wanted to enter my Christmas Clothespin Wreath. It was so fun to make and I couldn't believe all the hype I was getting from it. 
I was so excited when Better Homes & Gardens had contacted me about winning! 
You can read a little blurb about it on Facebook right now. I am just giddy with excitement and happiness!  Of course the $250 prize isn't so shabby either! 

P.S. Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family for getting me past round 1 with all your votes! You're the best!

Sunday Stuff

Today I had a chance to get out and spend a little birthday money. So of course I headed to the local thrift store. There is a new one in the city I live in and it by far as the best stuff. Who doesn't love a good thrift store? Lots of variety and a ton of craft stuff and children's books. And other random crap stuff  I don't really  need. 
I found a few books I have been wanting Peter Rabbit's Giant Story Book by Beatrix Potter. Who doesn't love reading about that naughty Peter Rabbit and his friends? Of course the illustrations are beautiful and whimsical too. Good Night Minnesota by Adam Gamble and Joe Veno. This is a new spin on Good Night Moon, but only this time they highlight all the famous Minnesotan Landmarks. Oh yah, you betcha! 101 Things to Do for Christmas by Debbie Trafton O'Neal. This is a really fun book for kids (and adults) during the Christmas season. There are lots of fun crafts, projects and treats to make. The Monster at the end of the thi…

Fabric Ink T-Shirt

I have been loving my Silhouette Cameo!!! My in-laws got me a couple of the starter kits for my birthday. Using the Fabric Ink Kit, I made a cute little shirt for E to wear. 


Valentine's Clothespin Wreath

t's back!! The newest clothespin wreath in my collection. In December I made a Christmas Clothespin Wreath and now I have made a Valentine's Day wreath! 
The clothespin wreath was so fun and easy to make! 
Supplies you need:
Wooden clothespinsscrapbook papersWashi tape (or decorative tape) You can buy washi tape at Hambly,, etsy, Michaels or most craft stores)GlueThick cardboard for circle (or Michaels sells pre-made circle forms)Felt to cover cardboard (although I skipped that step)
Decorate your clothespin however you like. Mine were a combination of scrapbook paper, decorative tape from Cath Kidston and glitter. 

I attached my paper strips to the clothespins using clear glue, but you could also use Mod Podge. Then once all the clothespins were decorated I attached them to my cardboard circle. You will need as many clothespins that fit around the circle, so the bigger the circle the more clothespins you will need. 

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