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Part 2

Another busy week under my belt!

Monday: Memorial Day, Already talked about it in a previous post.

Tuesday: Book Club Meeting with my co-workers. We read, um, um, hold on, Oh yeah... Promise Not to Tell. I have no idea who wrote it. It was an okay book, it had a potato girl and lots of creepy moments. Our next two books for the summer will be: Garden Spells for July
and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for August. neat.
Picked Shannon up from the airport. I was surprised she even came back. Another BFF lost to the Michigan Black Hole.... This is the second time in my life a dear friend has met a boy from MI, stayed and never left. What gives?

Wednesday: Had my beloved co-worker girls over for grillin' chillin' and AMAZING make-0vers. We also played board games and found out that i was most compatible with Good Liz. There was also a sleepover (on a school night! gasp!) and breakfast in the morning at Bruegger's Bagels.

Thursday: I don't know what i did.

Friday: Final Farewell…