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Megan I too miss PVM & Here is your Confession Tuesday

First of all here is my confession for Tuesday:

I watch the movie The Day After Tomorrow every time it is on tv. I really can't stand that movie, yet every time it's on, I drop everything, sit down and actually watch the whole thing. This movie is not to be confused with Armageddon or Deep Impact. That is Ben Affleck and Frodo Baggins, this is Jake GyllenSpoon. So when I watch The Day After Tomorrow there must be some sort of mind control subliminal message thing going on. Because about half way through I'm eating cat food out of the bag, thinking about Menudo.

Megan wants to know if there is a correlation between me not blogging me getting a new haircut and yes there is a correlation. I got the haircut to look fierce for work, and once i was back to work, I got so very busy that the last thing i want to do lately is sit and blog.
I've been doing a lot of reading and laying in the hammock when I'm not at work.
I wish i had more energy to write but I am in the process o…