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Humble Pie

It's a rather somber day here in Minnesota... well maybe for me it is. I watched the news for most of the night last night, after hearing about the collapse of the I-35W bridge. The situation merited text messages and phone calls and e-mails from many different loved ones. Me checking on them, them checking on me. My heart is heavy for so many reasons. First of all I feel the sadness of the those who have lost their lives, the families, the after-shock that comes with such tragedies. I think of all the kind people who helped each other out, Good Samaritans, if you will. I pray for the people that have still not been found. It is a sad time. My heart is also heavy because just that day I was having a mini-meltdown about the seemingly trivial crap in my life. Though I am not one to discredit individual pain, I do however, think in this situation, I can be such a baby sometimes! Crying out to God for relief of my own pain and hurts, yet all around me there are pains and losses and tr…