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☀Sunshine on my Face☀

Yesterday I was invited out on my friend's boat. We cruised around the lovely Lake Minnetonka. Just a bunch of girls enjoying the end of summer sun. I spent a lot of that time floating in the middle of the lake. Trying to be as still as I could, having the waves lap around me, the clouds float by and the glorious sun on my face.
I thanked God for the beautiful day, for friends, for family, for life.
I thought of my Aunt Sandy. And I thanked God that he is healing her body.
I thought of Nie Nie, this beautiful lady I have never met, but I admire her strength so much.
Go Nie Nie!
I just had to smile at all the goodness that I was surrounded by.
Life can get difficult, sad, and painful...
But it can also be wonderful, abundant and full of grace.
and Laughter.
Thank God.