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My BFF has a Blog!!!

Wow! Rachel has a blog!
Maybe to you this is not along the same order as the loaves and fishes, but to me it is!
A) because she's a busy mother to a newborn and a toddler! eeek!
B) because she's not one to broadcast her life.
C) because I think she would rather be watching Felicity than blogging.

My BFF extraordinaire Rachel has now joined the land of the living bloggers. (Is this opposed to deceased bloggers?) Please embrace her with open arms as she enters our world!
You can check her out over at Picture Perfect.
(Hey Charlsh... i hope you don't mind me giving you a shout out! You can reprimand me all you want. Kinda like the time i made a big fuss over you giving the morning announcement at the Mansion. I still like to sing your praises!)