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I've been thinking a lot about my lil' ol' blog lately. This June will be 5 years of blogging! 5 YEARS!!!!
When I first started this blog is was to document my busy crazy fun single life. And in that time, I bought a house, met my husband, got married, then had a baby. Oofta! (yes we really do say that in MN!)
Back in 2007 I had no idea what a blog was or where I wanted my blog to go. And really, I don't think many people did back then. I often wonder if I had started blogging and putting  myself out there, where my blog would be? But I just wanted to document all the fun I was having and I had no plans on going big or making money.
My first readers where a handful of friends & family and I loved all their comments and love towards my blog.
Did you know that my blog address used to be Puke Vs. Meow?!!! I'm totally not even kidding. And if you are reading this and remember that, you are awesome!  Puke vs. Meow was just a silly little inside joke that I won't…