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Rock Stars, Wiiing & Birthday Partying

This all started Wednesday night when I made 8 dozen chocolate chip cookies for my co-workers housewarming party that would be taking place on Friday. But before I could get to Friday, Thursday night was spent at a china buffet with soon to be less wise Shannon. Shannon had her wisdom teeth out Friday and I elected to spend the day with her while she recovered. Um okay not fair... total rock star! I was in pain for weeks, puffy and bruised and oozing for a month. But oh no! Ms. Shannon has perfect recovery. I was so impressed. Friday night I went to co-worker TST's housewarming party. For the first time in my life i played the magical Nintendo Wii... Boxing, bowling, baseball, tennis, riding cows. Super duper fun. Hooked and addicted I now want my own. Party was rad. House was nice. Co-workers are crazy. Saturday night was a former co-worker's birthday party. Ms. Janine had a dinner party. Her amazing husband Jason cooked up one heck of a meal. Goat cheese and mushroom bruchett…