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Sigh. Relief. Sigh. Relief

I haven't blogged in awhile. I've been spending many of my days at the Hospital with my dad. Last Tuesday he had Triple Bypass surgery and a valve replacement. The good news is that he is doing great. His heart is as good as gold.
There really is no bad news in this story. But many answered prayers and a heart full of gratitude. In times of need it is amazing to see all the open arms that embrace you, rally around you and keep you sane.
My mom could not be at the surgery because she was sick with a bad cold. That left me to sit quietly waiting for (hoping, praying, begging) for good news. But I was not alone, my dear cousins Kelly and Kyle spent 7+ hours of their day with me in the waiting room. Kelly doing paint by number, Kyle laughing at LOL Cats. They brought me homemade muffins, and got me breakfast and late lunch. How I love them so. Along with them were my parent's friends Connie and Skip, just waiting with me... letting their warm presence be known.
Many people out…