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Just a typical July

My blogging hiatus is quickly coming to an end. Where did the month of July go? I still have a few more days until I go back to work, 5 days to be exact. 5 days of freedom... The thought of going back to work is not a happy one. I like having a month off of work.
(you know, throwing stuff at the screen right now is only hurting you and your screen. don't hate)
I had a fantabulous break... I did zero projects around my house... I loved every minute.
Here is the play by play:
Celebrated Canada Day with Homemade T-Shirts, Cake and Teeth Blackener (in honor of the hockey players of course!)Spent a lovely day at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.Went to COSTCO and a Nintendo Wii might have jumped into my cart and then into my car... sneaky little devils. Threw a 4th of July BBQ... complete with Fireworks! Vlach's ran off with some of hostas! (you can not turn your back on them for a second!)Went to the beach a few times, went to a pool, baked in the sun, did handstands in the water, cu…