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A Breather...

I realize that my blog has been a little lack-lustre lately. Boring, snore, snooze, lame, blah, puke... what other descriptions have been popping up in your head lately. Yes, i can hear the snickering, the confusion, the yawns... "but usually she is so funny nori, i just don't get it..."
I know, I know. It's not like i have not had anything to say, oh i have. I wish I could write about the drama at my work, but in order to protect my hienie, i cant say anything. Tomorrow is a new day, this weekend I am going to put my job behind me and do fun little things that make me smile.
But don't give up on Superfluous just yet... she just needs a breather.
I did make kitchen curtains though, and chocolate angel pie for my mom. Being domestic makes me feel happy. Happiness is nice.