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HELP! My Cousin is Trying to Kill Me!!!!!! AHHHHH!

I am barely able to type this... if this is the end, it is my dream death though. Death by Chili Pepper!
Cousins Kelly & Kyle invited me out to meet them for dinner. But since i was already running behind from the bad weather (snow=puke) and I am trying to save money, I declined. They were eating at their new fav Thai place Ruam Mit. Kelly later texts me and said, "My meal is so hot, do you want me to bring you the rest???" Now Kelly and I eat hot\spicy food all the time. We live for it, it's borderline obsession. We can throw back the spicy with the best of them. So for Kelly to tell me that her meal was too hot to eat, I thought WHATEVS! So a few minutes later a doggy bag of left over Thai food arrived at my door. I dumped into a bowl and went to work. The spice was evident from the first bite, not too bad... and just as I was about to say, Kelly is a BABY! Holy Hotness the heat kicked my butt! FIRE FIRE FIRE!! Burning, my mouth was burning! HELP ME!!! What was in …

Dentist Phobia

I need help. See that wasn't so hard to say. I really do though. It seems that my aversion to going to the dentist has done me in. I have a bad tooth and it hurts so bad! But the thing is, I don't like going to the dentist anymore! I was fearless as a kid and teenager. My pain threshold is high. But 8 years ago everything changed. My wisdom teeth needed to come out they were growing in sideways and they were impacted! Geesh! So to save money i went to the same dentist i went to my whole life. No problem. Except this was a problem. I was fully awake during the ordeal. Just some Novocaine to mask the pain. But no nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and I love that stuff! Legal high people! Anyway, the surgery for my wisdom teeth was so traumatic, we're talking teeth breaking and major deep extraction... that i vowed never to go back! On top of all that, I got PAINFUL dry sockets in all 4 sockets and my face was black and blue\puffy for a month! PLUS! i had no pain meds to make it b…