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Sewing and Soup

Today as I was out and about, enjoying another wonderful day off of work, I decided to go into a Hancock Fabrics store. There I got lost in the isles of fabric and trim. I used to be an avid sewing lover, making all sorts of blankets, dresses and purses. But in the recent past, I have put aside my sewing machine and moved onto knitting. However, walking around all the fabric inspired me to make some pillows. I always find that pillows are so darn expensive, and making them yourself is so much cheaper. So I opted for a red and white flower pattern that was in the clearance bin, $1.00 for 3 yards! And some white fur dot pattern that was 50% off! Gotta love the deals! I also learned this neat little trick for making little pinwheel appliques.

When I am finished with a bunch of them, i will sew them onto another pillow. So for $20 I made 3 pillows! Not bad! It's a great feeling to work with my hands... And although I have tiny hobbit fingers, I do marvel at what i can do with them. Fi…