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Sabro's Christmas House

I really am not happy with my new camera. My last camera was a little gem. It took nice pictures that I was happy to post. But first i dropped it at my friend's cabin and then I dropped it in the sand at Lake Michigan. Sand and lenses to do not mix.
Anyway, I took lots of lovely pictures of my barfy Christmas decor. But I don't think the pictures will do it justice. So sorry. I wish I still used my SLR Daddy Mack Mega Camera with REAL film! (hence, i am cheap and don't want to pay for processing)...

(this is my window box. the blue star is in honor of police officers, the white pine cones are a hybrid from a new pine tree, they light up too! amazing)

(this is my holiday "woodsy" chic display. my favorite part is the orange extension cord.)

(this is my little village, somewhere in there you will find an idiot)

(yes, i have a pink Christmas tree. yes, that is a real shabby chic angel on the top. grody to the maxx!)

(here are some ways to Keep Calm & Carry On)

(my tabl…