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Do you have trees? and a Contest!

Do you have trees? I was asked that question yesterday at work. This was a question asked by a new homeowner, someone who shares almost the same predicaments i do when it comes to being a first time homeowner. My co-worker and I swap stories about the perils of being a homeowner. We shake our heads, laugh, kinda cry, and point and each other and say, You too? I KNEW you would be the only one who understands my leaf hell! At least i am not in this alone. Do I have trees? Yes, I do. One big giant maple tree that loves to shed its leaves creating the most monstrous display of leaves one has ever seen. Although I try and keep up, there is no end in sight! This is the public enemy number 1:

This is the first bag of leaves:

This is what i will be doing for the next 10 years:
I have now raked 2 bags of leaves. If you can guess how many bags it will take to rake up my whole yard, You will win a prize. A really good prize... like your own leaf collage that i will be making and you can proudly di…