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As it is almost lunch time I am getting rather hungry. And to make matters worse I have been looking at food blogs and now I'm really hungry. There was a posting by this one person:

about foods you should try before you die... or at least meals\foods that you love.

I tried to narrow my list down to 5, but I just couldn't do it! So instead I have listed the meals that have left me wanting more... (in no particular order)

1. Paella in Sevilla, Spain

2. Shark n' Bake on Maracas Beach, Trinidad

3. Lacquered Breast of Wild Acres Duck at W.A. Frost & Co. St. Paul, MN

4. Chicken Pad Thai (exxxtra spicy) Sawatdee

5. Jioazi (dumplings) Beijing, China

6. Clam Cakes, Massachusetts

7. Lemon Dowjic Soup & Bread at Babani's Kurdish Restaurant, St. Paul, MN

8. Crepes with Nutella in Paris, France

I know there are a lot more places I love to eat and the great food I have noshed on... …