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December 9, 2007

Christmas Movies!!!

Oh what fun it is to...take all your money!

Ha Ha Ha..Ho Ho Ho! I will get to the title of my blog in a bit. Bear with me until then. Yesterday, as I was feeling much better, not too sniffly not to stuffy, i went to visit my parents. I spent the day hanging out with my mom and dad. My dad, all on his own purchased a ginormous tv and was so proud to show it off. He kept saying, "what do you think, is the color crystal clear or what? to which i would say, "hmmmm I don't know, it's a little on the small side, and the color is a little blurry and drab." just to tease him. The tv was a gift to themselves for the fire... they are so happy to be back in their house! Like a weight has been lifted! We all hung out and wrapped presents and ate pizza, then me and my mom and my brother made a ginger bread house. This time though, my mom bought a kit where the house was pre-assembled, then you just decorate it. One year we bought a kit where you had to assemble the house yourself, and that was a total disaster! A wolf…