Thursday, April 16, 2009


If a blog is typed in the forest, will anyone read it?

I hardly ever do random thought blogs anymore. I used to write about anything and everything that was going on in my life. Now, I just blog about home improvements and food.
Which is fine because I do love crafts and baking and merriment.
I never did do that Facebook 25 random things about me... so maybe I will do that now?
A little bit about me, cause you wanted to know. right?

I have dark hair and hazel eyes and almost webbed toes. almost!

I am a Libertarian.

And a Librarian.

I am a pacifist, which can mean a lot of different things to different people. But let's just say I wont punch you.

I have strong beliefs\faith in God, but I'm always on a quest for what that means to me.

I am very shy, but am learning to get over it.

I will always be a hermit though.

When I am home alone I sing and dance around. A lot.

I wrote a book once, gave it to a boy, and now I want it back!

I love my friends and family so much, but I never feel like I show it or tell them enough.

I love candy!

When I was in Paris I thought I was the happiest I had ever been. I still think about moving there.

I still plan on writing another book... but this time i want it published.

I think about how I'm going to die a lot, but i don't really fear death.

I still like my old cat more than my new cat. But he's growing on me.

The smallest things bring me to tears and sometimes the things I "should" be crying at. I don't.

I love poetry more than I love novels.

I still hold on to the hope that anything is possible. Like string theories and time travel.. just to name a few things.

I would rather watch a movie on tv with commercials than rent one with no commercials. I am too antsy to sit through a whole movie at home.

But I love going to the movies.

I still cry my eyes out whenever I watch It's a Wonderful Life. The first time I don't I'm never going to watch it again.

If i could have anything I would have a personal chef. As much as I love cooking, I HATE cooking for myself. Hate it!!!!!

My most favorite feeling in the world is the lovely feeling of spending a long day swimming and sunning, then laying down on cool sheets and drifting off to sleep in a sun\water logged induced haze. Nothing compares!


K and/or K said...

The title of this should be 25 reasons to love Sabrina! It "should."

Kristina P. said...

I loved this!

And what was this book about?

Nikki said...

I like learning more about you and getting to know you - then we might have more to talk about at the next Twins game :)

I've written, too. It scares me to have other people read the books I've written. They just sit saved on my computer.

Pamela said...

Great post! I love It's A Wonderful Life! I think I cry every time, too.

Heather of the EO said...

I'm laughing really hard right now.

Not at you.

At me.

I had to erase it, but I wrote,

"I hope one day we get to swim and sun and then fall fast asleep together."

UM...I didn't mean that the way it sounds.

I just meant that one of my favorite things in life is spending a day in the water and sun...then being so worn, I just have to fall asleep. But not WITH you. get it :)

I love all these things though, I'm so glad you did this post. I just really liked it. So there.

kel said...

I love the last one. It sounds like the perfect end to the perfect day.

...sensible of shoe said...

I always read it, I like forests.

Teanna said...

Wow what a fantastic post! I totally related to this one: "
The smallest things bring me to tears and sometimes the things I "should" be crying at. I don't."

Awesome post! Thanks for sharing!

jaime said...

I just read Time Travelers Wife... have you read it?

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