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APD a little late

Last week was Administrative Professional Day. Did you hug your AP? I am an Admin Prof, because technically I am the secretary of the Library\Media Center.
Now my boss was gone (out on knee surgery) so nada from the big guy. Although last year he gave me a lovely azalea plant. I just found that plant in its pot, dead, in the back yard. Guess I forgot to plant it. I did however receive a cupcake and a certificate from my co-workers. That was special. My cousin Kelly is also an AP and she probably does a way better job than I do. She is the real hero here. Why am I saying all this? In honor of a belated Administrative Professional Day, here are some cakes for all you APs out there! Whoot Whoot!

(photos courtesy of the funniest website evah! )


Sorry Folks... I once again, find myself so very busy.
I hope you all had success with your chocolate cream tart.
I will be back next week!