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How can it be?

On my way to meet Shannon for dinner, I stopped into some of my favorite shops in Linden Hills. I was hoping to score some Halloween decoration deals, but to my surprise, everything was CHRISTMAS! How can it be? Halloween is barely over and Thanksgiving still has a few more weeks to make an appearance. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas, love it! Everything about it, I take great delight in it. I anticipate Christmas all year long, and as it inches forward, I feel it, I really do! My mission today was Halloween, but I broke down, how could I not? At the Garden Room there was Christmas music and ornaments and Christmas cookies! I couldn't resist... So i bought one tinsy little Christmas decoration, a trinket really. But oh, it was surely calling my name... I heard it! I did! I did complete my mission though, because I went to Target and bought a Halloween bowl. Now i have to wait a year to use it. That is the down-side of after the holiday deals. The stuff you buy for the holi…