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Pillsbury to the Rescue!

Now that the baby is almost 6 weeks old and my hubby is back to work (he's teaching summer school), it's time to start cooking. We had many delivered meals by friends & family that were so sublime. But sooner or later you have to get off the couch and feed your family. Now in a perfect world i would only be making organic, free range, grass fed & natural foods. And for the most part we buy organic fruits and veggies and we try to not buy processed foods. But there are days when I have only a few minutes to quickly throw together a meal. This is where comes in. They have this great website with lots of quick and easy recipes and they will even put together a shopping list for you. So far I have made a handful of meals that were quick, easy and pretty tasty. Well this is what I have been doing. Making easy meals and living the dream. Easy Stromboli Creamy Skillet Lasagna Chicken Bacon Quesadilla Asian Chicken Hot Slaw Spinach and Chicken Pizza So-Easy Lemon B…