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Food & Birdhouses

Last night i was invited over to Heather's for some dinner and housewarming gift(s).
What a treat! They gave me a gardening magazine, seeds and a birdhouse. Heather whipped up a most delicious mexican meal and fantastico margaritas. We chatted happily for a nice bit of time. I'm so happy she is my friend. I also was supposed to meet Jeanelle for dessert... but it didnt work out. so Hi Jeanelle.

Kyle sent me a poem that i am going to share.

The plow has savaged this sweet field
Misshapen clods of earth kicked up
Rocks and twisted roots exposed to view
Last year's growth demolished by the blade.
I have plowed my life this way
Turned over a whole history
Looking for the roots of what went wrong
Until my face is ravaged, furrowed, scarred.

Enough. The job is done.
Whatever's been uprooted, let it be
Seedbed for the growing that's to come.I plowed to unearth last year's reasons--

The farmer plows to plant a greening season

~Parker Palmer

Packing 101

First of all, just so you all know. I do not eat gourmet every day. I rarely have time for breakfast, lunch is a granola bar and sometimes dinner is anything that is fast. I think you out there in blogger world think i whip up fancy meals all the time, when in reality my food choices border on boring or random or whatever i scrounge from my cupboards. Yes, sometimes i get inspired and make some tasty treats... and i do like to experiment with recipes, but some nights i just get lazy. It is never fun just cooking for yourself. If i cook i like to do it up right and make nice meals for others. When I'm alone, i don't care as much. Case in point, last night for dinner i had potato chips and wine. The chips were baked so they were so healthy (ok eating half the bag is not healthy, but healthier) and the wine was cheap, but good so who cares right? That was me eating dinner sitting on my couch procrastinating and NOT packing. Then I made muffins to share at work, but i didn't m…

Dinner Party Delight

Last night I was treated to yet again another fabulous dinner party hosted by my cousin Kelly. What a great mix of women and conversation and amazing dishes. We laughed and talked for hours, sharing all sorts of random bits of information. There is always harmony with good conversation and food... as if they were just meant to go together. I think meals with friends with laughter and heartfelt words are what makes life so sweet, and Kelly knows how to pair the two so well. Bravo. Kelly has all the delicious details\recipes posted here. Definitely make the soup sometime. My new favorite!


I don't know what is happening but i have majorly been slacking on the blog-ola. The last 3 days I have hardly even looked at my blog... even at work when i get bored. I guess I'm just busy at work, or I have other things on my mind. Nevertheless, This is what i have been up to:
Wednesday night, Shannon, Ellen, Kelly and I went to a Shecky's Girl's Night Out event at the MPLS Depot. There we were treated to complimentary cocktails sponsored by various companies including Midori or as Kelly called them McDorky's. There were tons of jewelry, clothes, purses, shoes... a girly girls heaven. We even got some SWAG with a goodie bag full of fun things.
I took Thursday off and my plans were to go to the Russian Museum of Art to see the Impressionist exhibit, but it didn't work out. Instead I had the inspection for my house. Which lasted a whopping four hours! But the inspector was very thorough and showed me every little detail of my home. And despite a few minor things…

Nerd Fleurs

Part of the reason of wanting to own a house is for the gardening. I am a lover of flowers and plants... and i so desperately miss have a garden of my own. I do like growing vegetables but there is something about flowers that bring me complete happiness. Kelly asked me to blog about the types of flowers i am going to grow. Now this totally opens up a can of worms... where to begin? I have had a vision for the most amazing garden for years... but that would be a huge project and this back yard I'm obtaining is not that large. Although the backyard is already beautifully landscaped with many perennials and rose bushes. There is a fountain and a trellis gazebo that i am so excited to grow vines and morning glories around it and create a little hidden oasis for al fresco lunches in the summer. I am going to mostly focus my energy on planting annuals... although I really want to grow my 2 favorite flowers... dahlias and hollyhocks.
Dahlias are tubers and I hope that it will not be too…


This weekend was one of those weekends just for pure enjoyment. Work on Friday was actually pretty fun too, with a little party and a cake I made. It was also Jeanelle's Birthday (Happy 30th Jeanelle! You are wonderful!)
Friday night i had some friends over and we ate treats, talked and laughed. A lot. Saturday Shannon and i went to Ikea & the Mall of America for some power shopping. Have I told you i kinda don't like IKEA and the MOA bugs. But Shannon and i still found ways to have fun and amuse ourselves no matter what we do. I am not ashamed to say that we might still possibly be stuck in jr. high. Which reminds me of a few months ago when Shan and i went to a movie. When we walked into the theatre no one was in there. Sitting there on the top row with my Sour Patch Kids, I said, "Do you think I can throw one of these and hit the screen?" She told me to give it a whirl... So as hard as I could I whipped a sour patch kid at the screen. I didn't hit it, but S…

My Name is NOT Samantha!

I have this small problem. Well it's not really my problem, its other people's problem that become mine! When people first meet me or they cant remember my name or think they remembered my name but really didn't, they call me Samantha! My whole life I have been Samantha. I know it is somewhat similar to Sabrina but really its not even that close. I could see if people messed up and called me Serena or Selina or even Sabena... but Samantha. It happens on a pretty consistent basis that i am thinking about getting a T-shirt or bumper sticker that says, My name is not Samantha. Although, that might be a cool name for a band.
I know other people have had similar name debacles. please share...

The house

Im trying not to jinx anything... but if i were to get a house, it would be this one.


I think this might be one of my new favs... Super-duper quick and easy! After dinner I met with my realtor to finalize some VIP house paperwork. Then I went and picked out paint samples. It's getting close...
Spanish Shrimp and Farfalle
Health Magazine April 2008
Makes 4 servings Prep time: 10 minutes Cook: 13 minutes
Ingredients: 8 ounces uncooked farfalle 1 pound peeled and deveined large shrimp 1⁄2 teaspoon ground cumin 1⁄2 teaspoon salt 1⁄8 teaspoon black pepper 1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons olive oil, divided 1 cup chopped onion 1⁄2teaspoon dried thyme 1⁄4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1⁄4 cup fresh orange juice, plus 1 teaspoon zest 1 tablespoon sherry vinegar 4 plum tomatoes, chopped 1⁄2 cup pimiento-stuffed olives
1. Cook farfalle according to package directions; drain.
2. Toss shrimp with cumin, salt, and pepper. Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add shrimp and cook until pink, about 2 minutes per side; remove from skillet.
3. Heat rema…

Name Dropping

The only remotely famous person I've ever met, i didn't even really meet. I was walking down the street in Boston, minding my own business on a lovely April day. As I was glancing in the windows of the shops and restaurants I noticed a very familiar face sitting in a Greek restaurant. It took me a nano-second to figure out who it was. Low and behold it was Quentin Tarantino. He smiled at me really nicely, and i was almost tempted to go in and sit and chat with him, because he was all alone. But I didn't want to be intrusive. I was 21 and a total fox back then, so i wouldn't want him to get the wrong idea either. Although, often I lay awake at night wondering if Kill Bill would've starred UMA had I went in and sat with him? The world may never know. Jim Carey might possibly be next on my famous sightings list... He is sorta going to be in my family come July! I'm not even kidding and I LIKE IT A LOT!

The show must go on!

So Saturday night Shannon and Cindy and I met up at Axel's Bonfire for a little girl time... one thing lead to another and we were having so much fun we decided to get a hotel and have a slumber party. When we went to our room, some guy thought we were pretty cute and asked if we wanted to hang out. Hmmm... Not so much, but jokingly we said, Bring all your cute friends down and we'll have fun. We didn't really think he would come back... but low and behold when he did we really didn't want to hang out. So our stage-mom Cindy went into action:

Random Boy: So you want to hang out or what?
Stage Mom Cindy: I'm sorry, we have a show in the morning and we need our sleep.
Random Boy: Oh really, I'm sorry... I'll go.
Stage Mom Cindy: Yeah we have a show so sleep is important.

I love being a celebrity!

Kitchen Mania

Admittedly, my thoughts are on decorating. With a house purchase looming in the distance, I am now in total decorating mode. I saw this kitchen in a magazine and I'm kinda going ga-ga over it. Something about the contrast of black and white with the cool blue just seems so chic. It would seem like cooking in a kitchen that looked like this would always put one in a cheery mood.


Today at work a student was hanging out at my desk telling me how ugly she thought another girl was and I said, "You know what, Karma, What goes around comes around."
She nodded her head and said, "yeah i know."
And then she was about to make fun of a boy who what the rest of the school would consider a nerd. And I said, "you are always nice to him aren't you?"
And she said, "Yeah for the most part."
Again I said," What goes around comes around, treat others how you would want to be treated."
So whether you call it Karma, The Golden Rule or What you give is what you get, its all the same thing. How you treat people is a reflection of how you will be treated. I'm not saying that people will always be nice, or always be kind or never treat you poorly. But in the long run, what you put out is what you are going to get back. That is just the simple plain truth. The same goes for loving yourself. I'm not talking about vanity or pride…

Conferencing MR.A-Z

The underrated and most talented Jason Mraz was on Cities 97 Studio C last night. Now since Cindy, Shannon and now Jaime and I are obsessed, we had to listen to this together. However, Shannon and Jaime couldn't make it. So Cindy and I did a conference call and we were all able to "be together". The new album comes out May 20 with a tour to follow. Giddy.

The Tortoise and The Hare

I'm not really glad its Monday, because really my weekend was super busy and it flew by and now I'm back at work. Next weekend I am keeping it simple. maybe. After work on Friday my friend Tina Michelle Dolce stopped by at my job and dropped off some dvd's and then she went along with me to look at a house. The house that I put an offer on over a year ago was on the market again with the price drastically reduced. It was interesting to look at it again, but i wasn't feeling the same way i did about it a year ago. So afterwards Michelle and I sat in her car and talked about jobs and relationships and life in general.
Then later that night I went out with the lovely Ellen. We went to the Riverview Wine Bar and had a flight of some delicious wines and some steller pizza! We chatted for about 2 hours, lingering over our wine and having a few laughs about our boy crushes and all that fun stuff. After that we cruised Lake St. and ended up at Lunds. There I bought some Hamanta…

Din Din

Habenero Chicken with French Cut Green Beans
This was my dinner... from the other night. I just made it up. Funny though, I was chatting with my BFF Rachel (hi rach, comment please!) and she was telling some of our friends that i NEVER used to cook like this when we lived together. Ok secrets out! Busted! I've always enjoyed cooking, but this past year I've taken it up a notch and have tried to experiment more with recipes and ingredients. So it's nothing really, not quite gourmet but definitely not Chicken By George. (does anyone remember those???)


All is well when my beloved Twins are back for another season. Many new faces, but a few newbies to root for too! It was probably one of my perfect nights. Shopping at Macy's Downtown, Pad Thai at Sawatdee and a TWINS game! Life couldn't get any sweeter than that! Plus I got to go to the game with my three favorite people:

My Girlfriend Shannon
My Boyfriend TC
My Ex-Boyfriend Torii


April Fool's! Of course I am not ending my blog. Life wouldn't be as fun! I'm not going anywhere. My blog goes when I goes. Though today one little girl at school got me real good. She came up to me and said (in the saddest most sincere way possible), "I'm really sorry but my house burnt down this weekend, and we lost everything. And I had a couple of books checked out and they were lost too!" Did I believed her? Of course I did, I said, "Oh you poor thing!" April Fool's on me!

End of an Era

Oh the great world of blogging. Do you know that this June will be 1 full year of blogging my heart out! Its been fun and interesting. And i have totally connected with people over this silly little superfluous blog. But the more i look back and the more i think about it. Im kinda feeling like I am coming to the end of my blog self. Some days it just seems more of a hassle to think of something to write about. And I am realizing how out there I am putting myself! Do people really need to know my inner most soul and my most appalling secrets? Plus i fear it is just starting to sound all the same. Like all good athletes know, go out when you are on top. I have loved connecting with all my faithful readers! Thanks for your support and kind words. It has been a fun journey! This is the end my friends, this is the end.