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Mom, Woman of Faith 4-13

Welcome back to "Mom: Woman of Faith".  Each Saturday a group of moms respond to a question essential to our lives as Christians and Mothers.  It is our hope that this series will spark reflection and growth for all those involved.  Please feel free to add your thoughts here or on facebook.  Thanks for being here, and for sharing in our journey as Christians and mothers.  We are always looking for more contributors!  Email nancy if interested.
This week's Question: What is one of the most joyful moments you have had as a mother?
Nancy Small Things Oh my.  I am having one of those days were it is a little difficult to answer this question!  We have been at my sister's house for the last three days.  My toddler has sat down and eaten just a handful of meals in that time, spending the rest of the time screaming, playing, screaming, playing...and then passing out only to wake up screaming again.  The baby has been sweet, but I keep feeling guilty that I am ignoring her becau…