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All things good...

It's been a good couple of days despite the rain. My car that horribly fell apart pulling into my driveway is now fixed! Spring is this weekend, Spring break is in less than 2 weeks! Florida\Sunshine\Twins Baseball\Pool\Beach\Bliss.

The highlights of the past week included:

La Boheme at the MN Opera. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was funny and sad and sappy. Am I an Opera convert? I believe I just might be!

Last night T and I went to The Dancing Ganesha Indian Restaurant. We had a $50 Gift Card to use and we did not hesitate to use it. My favorite was the Chicken Keelgiri Korma, chicken chunks cooked in a coconut curry sauce with cilantro and chillies. We loved everything we ate, and we got a ton of food!

I also had two of these:

Mango Mojitos!

Gossip Girl is back... my horrible guilty pleasure that my 33 year old self watches without hesitation. I did not really like last nights episode. The whole Chuck finding his mom part is boring. Move on. W…