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December 17, 2007

Presents under the tree...


I have been wanting to post something I have been working on for the past 5 days! But I had to keep it a secret until everything was finished and given away. I had this idea back in September to make a gift for my different groups of friends. I have the Monday night group, the Thursday night group, the high school friend group... just lots of groups. So I thought, what would be something simple to make for my friends, that would be fun, but sweet. Enter: CUPCAKES! I found these great Martha Stewart cupcake holders on clearance at Micheal's, so all i needed to do now was make the cupcakes. I decided on Butter Cake with Fudge Frosting, Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Frosting and Chocolate cake with Cream Cheese frosting. Everyone got two of each flavor... fun and easy and sweet!

Also tonight, my Monday night ladies got together for a Christmas dinner. Megan got out her fun Christmas dishes and we all shared a perfect meal of Hoisin Pork Loin, Green Beans, Orzo and French Bread. Alon…