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Oh Boy!

Weellll.... no baby yet. 39 weeks and holding. 2 weeks ago I quit my job for good and although most people commented, Why so soon before you due date? I just had a feeling these weeks would need to kept open for anything. Last week I was at 5 different doctor appointments, some for me, some for the baby, some for both. This week I was just supposed to have 2 appointments but that has turned into 4 with a trip to the HOSPITAL. Yep, fun times! My blood pressure was up on Monday so they thought i should go get checked out at the hospital. I thought, well this could be it... and the funny thing is, i was more worried that i hadn't showered and shaved in a few days then having a baby! My husband said, WHO CARES... but I do! If i'm going to get all gross delivering a baby then I want to start out fresh with smooth legs and shiny clean hair! So i pretty much shower everyday just in case! HA! Back to the hospital... they hooked me up to all the monitors and drew lots of blood and I ju…