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Facebook: Changing Lives, One Friend Request at a Time.

Last night I went out with Lisa, an old friend from elementary\jr.high\high school. Shannon and I were both friends with her throughout school, until she went to another school in 9th grade.
Lisa recently contacted me through Facebook and well the rest was history. Shannon, Lisa and I shared memories and laughs of all those years at W-M. It's fun to be re-united via Facebook. Without Facebook I wouldn't have all the 101 friends that I now do. Question: Do you think people request to be friends with strangers just so they can seem like they have a lot of friends? Sad.

A tutorial on striking out

Many people are wondering how that whole Strike Through magic works. I myself have recently learned how, and that was pretty much so i could sound even more witty in my posts.

Go here for a very quick and easy tutorial. This is the way I do it. And I prefer my way.

or you could be cool like Megan and do all your writing\striking through in Word then paste it.

Have fun and don't be surprised if you instantly gain 10 new friends who think you are soooo amazingly cool. Strike Throughs are the new Michael Phelps.