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My Last Supper

There is a book out right now by photographer Melanie Dunea, called My Last Supper. She interviews top chefs and asks them, What would be your last meal? Most of the chef's surprisingly went with comfort food, regardless of the fact that they make gourmet meals at their upscale restaurants. Pasta, hamburgers, pizza, doughnuts, and friend chicken were among the top pics. Those also seem to be the top picks of convicts on death row. The theory is that you go to the foods that are associated with good memories and/or childhood. I however, have a different spin on what my comfort foods would be. And it's not because my palate is more experienced or defined. I just find comfort in something more than mac & cheese, albeit I do really like mac & cheese. I would have to say that my last meal would be, Chicken Pad Thai, extra spicy with lots of crushed peanuts and limes, a bowl full of jiaozi (or as they are called here, dumplings\potstickers). Some form of duck breast... love …