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TWD~Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

So here they are..Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes. These were just delivered to the teachers\staff that have to stay late for those silly little conferences. I dropped them off, hoping to make a quick drop and dash, but teachers were actually waiting for me to arrive. Can we say embarrassing! I don't know why, but i didn't want a big to-do about this. I was making cupcakes anyway, so why not bring them over to the school?
I had one on my way over and i thought they were super rich and dense. I didn't really like them. I like light and moist cupcakes (she said Moist!) and these were so thick, and a bit dry. I even added oil and sour cream. But whatevs, the teachers can eat themselves into a chocolate induced coma and I will be sitting on my couch watching The Office re-runs on TBS. Thanks everyone for all the tips, I think next time i would reduce the flour and add more sour cream, milk and oil. Or not make them at all, and just make cupcakes from a box mix. gasp! I hope that …