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Reality Check Time Minnesota!

Everyone's talking about Boston\New England... No, not for the Fall colors and the chowder. But for the sports. Oh the Trifecta of perfection that is taking place in Bean Town. The Sox with their World Series sweep, the Pats with their perfect record and the Celtics with their big wins. One must think that this is just a moment of pure coincidence. Wake up America, do you not see what is happening here?

Do these names ring a bell: David Ortiz, Randy Moss, Kevin Garnett? Were they not once some of, if not Thee best players on our MN teams? And now? David Ortiz has not only 1 but 2 World Series wins under his belt. Randy Moss will most likely win the Super Bowl, and KG, can we say Playoffs! And I don't mean in the way Jim Mora said it!

Let me tell you something else, its not just Boston. Watch and see what happens with Torii Hunter and the Angels, and Johan Santana and the Mets! I wouldn't be surprised if they both actually *go* to the World Series, let alone WIN! But don'…