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The Puzzle Piece

Today i made some plans for valentines day! Being that it is only 2 weeks away, a girl has to plan accordingly. And being a sucker for all things girly i really enjoy the sweetness of this day. the pink hearts and flowers, chocolates and love... ahhh. This valentines day will be spent with good friends and enjoying the love of friendship.
However there is this sense that you have to have a love interest to having a big romantic night and feel complete. But even if you do have a significant other it doesn't mean that romance is in the cards... sometimes valentines day just stinks! Last year i spent part of valentines day crying... but then again i also spent my birthday crying and come to think of it i spent christmas crying last year too, all because i was upset with my then boyfriend. Maybe that is a good sign that maybe something wasn't working.

Sometimes the best relationships just aren't meant to be. Even with all the love and hope you have, it just may not be enough.…

30 and Golden!!!

Happy Golden Birthday to the wonderful, beautiful and hottest mommy... MEGAN!