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Holy Mole!

Last night I was invited over for Mole (pronounced Mole-ay) at my friend Sarah's. Her friend Francisco was making us and a bunch of other friends, traditional mole from his home land Mexico. The whole meal was delicious, and the mole was outstanding. Francisco said that traditional mole has about 32 ingredients including, chocolate and cinnamon. The base is sweet and you cook it in chicken. WOW! We also had refried beans and rice and this fantastic drink called horchata, which is a sweet rice, almond, cinnamon and sugar drink. Plus we had some fantastic Chilean wine. What a treat! After dinner we all sat around and watched the end of the packers\giants game... too bad packers, whaa whaa. As you can see i am NOT a fan! Sarah and Francisco almost have me convinced to go salsa dancing with them in the future... I don't know though, i might look like a spaz! :) But life is short, and not for sitting. And as Kevin Bacon once said in Footloose, "Let's Dance!"
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