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The Perfect Storm

Last night T and I were watching Lost. T is my chauffeur if you are wondering who this mystery person is. Anyway, after Lost it was time for T to drive me home. We walked out to his car and then T said, Oh Darn girl, I locked my keys in the house.
I just laughed it off (he did this few weeks ago too).
I said, NICE!
It was raining by the way. And chilly to the bone. Thankfully, his car was unlocked so we sat in there. He placed one pleading call to his roommate.
Please come home and let us in.
And then T's phone died.
Here we were, in the dark, raining, no phone, no keys.... I embraced him and said,
It was nice knowing you I'm glad we could die together. Or maybe I didn't say that? But it sounds so dramatic and sabrina-esque.
But then he said, I think there is a window we could climb through.
Sure enough his living room window was unlocked.
He pulled the screen off.
He hoisted me up.
Through the window I went.
Lucky for me there was a futon underneath the window.
But unfortunately I…