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Nerd Fleurs

Part of the reason of wanting to own a house is for the gardening. I am a lover of flowers and plants... and i so desperately miss have a garden of my own. I do like growing vegetables but there is something about flowers that bring me complete happiness. Kelly asked me to blog about the types of flowers i am going to grow. Now this totally opens up a can of worms... where to begin? I have had a vision for the most amazing garden for years... but that would be a huge project and this back yard I'm obtaining is not that large. Although the backyard is already beautifully landscaped with many perennials and rose bushes. There is a fountain and a trellis gazebo that i am so excited to grow vines and morning glories around it and create a little hidden oasis for al fresco lunches in the summer. I am going to mostly focus my energy on planting annuals... although I really want to grow my 2 favorite flowers... dahlias and hollyhocks.
Dahlias are tubers and I hope that it will not be too…