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The one where I take three kids to Florida... by myself

So back in November my mom calls me and asks if I want to bring the boys to Florida for a visit. My parents bought a place there for the Winter and my mom found some cheap flights for all of us. Of course, my husband could take zero time off of work, so crazy Sabrina decided that it would be fun to take three boys under the age of  five on an airplane. Thankfully my mom came back to Minnesota the week before and flew down to Florida with us. (Although, she bought a ticket up in the front and stranded us in the back) (Actually, we were 4 seats behind her, but she was drinking G&T's while I was drinking backwash water.)
When you take three small children on an airplane, one being a lap child too, you have to obsessively plan ahead. So I went on Amazon and ordered a bunch of fun little toys, I also packed 2 tablets to watch movies and tons of snacks. Overall, they did a pretty good job with a small meltdown by Finn.
We had a fun four days in Florida, going to the beach, the Shel…